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What to do when the waves are too big (Updated w/ Mobility)...

With all the big winter swells and poring rain pushing in I have received a few requests for activities/ workouts that will benefit your surfing...

1) Pop-ups, Pop-ups, Pop-ups -> Doing these over & over will reinforce technique, which will set-up the beginning of the wave.

Here is a great youtube video -

2) Exercises for strength/ endurance - > Start with these to build strength & endurance

Body Weight Squats - The ankle, knee, hip, and spine all have major contribution to the majority of movements you’ll see out in the water. Force production and absorption, joint control, alignment, and strength, they’re all aspects that are truly relevant for long term durability, surfing, and athleticism. Squat with bodyweight, then add load, then add strength, then add power, then complexity. 3 sets of 10 -15

Pushups - a stronger upper body and core will help with duck dives, pop-ups, and shoulder injury prevention. 3 sets of 10 -15

Lunges - Look through any surf magazine/video and check out the leg and hip positions of surfers in any turn, barrel-crouch, air, or maneuver. 3 sets of 10 -15

Planks - Strengthening the core is essential to your endurance and surfing technique. 3 sets of 30 - 60 seconds

Resistance Band Training - To keep your paddling muscles fit, this exercise is well designated to target the back of the shoulders and the grand dorsals. The use of the elastic band is particularly interesting because of its gradual resistance quality, which is the same kind of resistance you get in the water. Bending forward slightly, knees unlocked, keep the chest out and shoulders back to ensure a straight trunk. Hold the elastic band in front of you, arms above your head. Pull one arm backward while keeping the shoulder engaged and opening the chest and then, alternate to the other arm.

3) Skateboard or Surf skate/ Carver board -> A carver skateboard was designed to replicate the movement of surfing on the land. This means that you can simulate the motion and feeling of riding and carving a wave without actually needing any waves. When the surf gets big my son & I will go down to one of the elementary school playgrounds to work on our balance, turns, & exercise.

Here is a great youtube video -

4) Mobility Training-> Regularly adding in some mobility exercises for surfing into your workout routine will allow your body to move more freely on your board, respond to the waves more quickly, stay in the water for longer, and reduce the risk of injuries.

CAT/COW - Start in table pose with your shoulders above your wrists, your hips above your knees and a neutral spine. As you inhale, start to arch your spine by lifting your tailbone,  lifting your chest and spreading your shoulders. As you exhale, start to round your spine by tucking your tailbone, pushing the floor away from you with your hands and spreading your shoulder blades apart, looking between your knees.
SIDE LUNGE - Begin in a wide-legged forward fold, then start to bend your right knee and straighten your left leg, loading your weight over your right knee. Sit your hips back and keep a straight spine as you lower yourself down towards your right heel. Flex your left foot so your toes are facing upward and root your left heel into the ground. You can either keep your fingertips on the floor, or connect your palms at your chest and gently press your right elbow to the inside of your right knee to keep your chest lifted and spine straight. Walk the hands across the mat to repeat on the other side.
LIZARD LUNGE SHOULDER ROTATIONS - Start in lizard lunge with your left foot on the edge of the mat and both hands inside the left foot. Balancing on your left hand, inhale to lift your right arm up in front of you and circle it back behind you, externally rotating your left shoulder. Exhale to circle your arm back to the front, internally rotating the shoulder. Do a few rounds then switch to the other side.
DOWNDOG TO BALANCING TABLE POSE - Start in table pose then extend your right leg and tuck your right toes under. Inhale to lift your hips up and back to come into downward-facing dog, keeping the top of the left foot on the ground. Exhale to bring your left knee back to the mat. Inhale to lift your right leg back behind you, arching your spine and lifting your chest. Exhale to drop the right toes back to the mat. Do a few rounds then switch to the other side.
LOW LUNGE TO HALF SPLITS - Start in low lunge with your right knee bent and stacked over the ankle and your left knee on the ground. Inhale to lift your arms over your head. Exhale to swoop your arms back behind you as you straighten your right leg, flex the toes upwards and root the heel down. Inhale to come back into low lunge with the arms up. Try to keep your hips square (pointing forwards) and your core engaged as you flow through a few rounds on each side.
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