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What to do when the waves are too big for your ability

With all the big winter swells pushing in I have received a few requests for activities/ workouts that will benefit your surfing once size drops...

1) Pop-ups, Pop-ups, Pop-ups -> Doing these over & over will reinforce technique, which will set-up the beginning of the wave.

Here is a great youtube video -

2) Exercises for strength/ endurance - > Start with these to build strength & endurance

Body Weight Squats - The ankle, knee, hip, and spine all have major contribution to the majority of movements you’ll see out in the water. Force production and absorption, joint control, alignment, and strength, they’re all aspects that are truly relevant for long term durability, surfing, and athleticism. Squat with bodyweight, then add load, then add strength, then add power, then complexity. 3 sets of 10 -15

Pushups - a stronger upper body and core will help with duck dives, pop-ups, and shoulder injury prevention. 3 sets of 10 -15

Lunges - Look through any surf magazine/video and check out the leg and hip positions of surfers in any turn, barrel-crouch, air, or maneuver. 3 sets of 10 -15

Planks - Strengthening the core is essential to your endurance and surfing technique. 3 sets of 30 - 60 seconds

3) Skateboard or Surf skate/ Carver board -> A carver skateboard was designed to replicate the movement of surfing on the land. This means that you can simulate the motion and feeling of riding and carving a wave without actually needing any waves. When the surf gets big my son & I will go down to one of the elementary school playgrounds to work on our balance, turns, & exercise.

Here is a great youtube video -

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