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Surf Better - The Backside Re-Entry

The backside re-entry is a stylish and effective maneuver that requires proper timing and technique. This fundamental technique will elevate your surfing and it looks amazing when executed properly.

Step 1: A Solid Bottom Turn Sets it Up

You 1st will need to execute a strong bottom turn! This will generate speed and momentum peccary for the maneuver. Ensure that once you set your rail all your focus is on where you will hit the lip.

Step 2: Body Positioning thru the Transition

Start transitioning into the maneuver as you come out of your bottom turn. Proper body position is critical! Keep your back arm down and front arm ready to swing around, and let your eyes track the trajectory you want to follow on the wave. This will help you maintain proper balance and prevent a wipe-out at the top.

Step 3: PIVOT!

Your back arm is the key here to properly pivoting into the maneuver. Back arm still stays low, while the front is ready to swing down. If you start swinging your front arm around too early your turn will slow down.

Step 4: Hit the Lip

As you hit the hit lip your back arm has started moving up and your your weight has shifted over your front foot.

Step 5: Controlling the Board thru Weight Distribution

Weight is still on the front foot, stabilize with your front arm, and begin to push around with the back foot. If you don't have enough of your weight forward you could easily get caught in the lip or slowing to the point the wave passing you.

Step 6: Complete the Turn

This is where I struggle. As you complete the backside re-entry make sure you follow thru the entire turn! Before you start moving back down the line it is imperative that your head and shoulders have completed the turn. Think of it as if you were throwing a baseball to someone on the beach. By not rotating your head and shoulder around you risk losing speed or catching a rail.

Step 7: Practice, Practice, Practice

Commit to the entire motion of re-entry before shifting your focus!

I hope this helps & gives you something to work this weekend. Next week I'll compile some PRO tips on catching more waves, better duck dives, and perfecting your take off.

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