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Generating SPEED in 3 easy steps

Pumping is the key to creating speed, which enables you to turn with buckets of spary. The heel to toe motion of pumping connects your body with the wave, moving you down the line and enabling you to execute powerful maneuvers. By using a continuous heel-toe rhythm you are able to match the wave's speed.

Step 1: Start To Pump

In beach breaks, where waves tend to break quickly, your goal should be to reach the first section in a single pump if possible. This initial burst of speed sets you up for your first turn off the top. Don’t think it’s alway just one pump, you can make additional pumps to generate the speed needed to hit that first section with maximum velocity.

Step 2: Use Your Rail

Successful pumping lies in engaging the rail with the water, which propels you forward. A heel-to-toe motion is instrumental in achieving this. To create a constant back-and-forth momentum that generates tons of speed, shift your weight from heel to toe and back. Remember, it's essential to stay on those rails throughout to generate the maximum amount of speed.

Step 3: Keep Your Speed

If you lose contact with the rail, you lose your momentum. So, maintain constant pressure on the heels and toes, keeping your board remains engaged with the water at all times. This way, you'll be able to maintain your speed and execute turns with precision.

That’s it, pretty simple, but it will take practice to master. Remember, the goal of pumping is to synchronize your body with the wave, utilizing your surfboard's rail, and maintaining continuous movement from heel to toe.

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