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"Can the SF Surf Club Fantasy Surf League Take Your Surfing Skills to the Next Level?"

Probably not, but it's a great way for us as a club to come together and celebrate the joy of surfing. Football is done on Sunday, so come on what else do you have to do?

If you haven't played WSL Fantasy Surf here’s how to get started:

Step 2: Selecting your Surfers

Each team is comprised of eight male surfers and four female surfers. You must pick both men and women for each event, but there are limits to which surfers you can pick.

Surfers are organized into “Tiers” based on their current ranking on the Championship Tour. You are limited to a certain number of surfers from each tier, specified below:


Tier A: Pick 2 surfersTier B: Pick 4 surfersTier C: Pick 2 surfers


Tier A: Pick 1 surferTier B: Pick 2 surfersTier C: Pick 1 surfer

As the surfers’ rankings evolve over the course of the season, so do the Tiers. The surfers available in each Tier will change as they move up and down the rankings, so make sure you pick a new team for each event.

After the Mid-season Cut (Event 6), fantasy tiers will shrink for Men’s from 8-16-12 to 6-12-6 and for Women’s from 3-9-6 to 3-6-3.

Step 2: Scoring

The surfers on your team score points based on their performance in each event. Their real heat scores count directly as points for your fantasy team. For example, if a surfer on your team scores 15.05 in a heat, you’ll get 15.05 fantasy points.

Your total score for each event is the combined scores of all individual surfers on your team. You win by earning the most total points over the course of the season.

After the Mid-season Cut, surfers who win their Opening Round heat and bypass the Elimination Round will receive the highest point total of the Elimination Round for their heat score.

Step 3: Power Surfers

Each event, you can select one male and one female on your team as your Power Surfers to earn twice the points. For that entire event, the fantasy points you receive from your Power Surfers will be two times their total heat scores.

After picking your team, simply select your Power Surfers by hitting the lightning icon on the right side of the selection button. You can select new Power Surfers for every event.

This new feature will be a huge factor in teams with similar surfers and allows you to double down on specific surfers who you think will excel at each event on the Championship Tour.

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