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Surf Better - Improve Your Frontside Cutback

The frontside cutback is a stylish and effective maneuver that sets you up for other maneuvers when the wave flattens out. I struggle with it from time to time, so I hope these tips from Josh Kerr will help.

Step 1: The Turn is Initiated on Your Heels

Approach the section where you want to execute the cutback, start by swinging your back arm around the front arm, maintaining a composed and stable posture. Making sure that your back heel is the pivot point.

Step 2: Stability and Composure

Keep your arms steady and composed, and let your eyes track the trajectory you want to follow on the wave. If you throw your arms and head too far ahead of the board during the cutback you will lose momentum and speed, ultimately hindering the maneuver's execution.

Step 3: Shift Weight from Back to Front Foot

Now you transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot, which is critical in maintaining momentum and flow during the turn. Keep your back arm extended, and let the pressure shift from the back foot to the front foot as you transition down the wave.

Step 4: Timing is Everything

Your eyes play a significant role in guiding your board, so keep them fixed on the target, shift your gaze to where you want to hit the wave on the rebound. Simultaneously, move your hips forward to carry the momentum down the wave.

Step 5: Whip the Board Up for Rebound

"To get that satisfying rebound off the foam, whip your board up with the right timing and precision. Trust the momentum you've built up to help your board pivot off the back arm as you come off the lip. This part of the maneuver requires confidence and commitment, so keep your eyes and focus on the target." - Josh Kerr

Step 6: Complete the Turn

As you complete the frontside cutback do it with style! Focus on maintaining your speed and flow throughout the turn. While ensuring your shoulders and weight carry you effortlessly to the next part of the wave.

I hope this helps & gives you something to work this weekend. Next week I'll compile some PRO tips on catching more waves, better duck dives, and perfecting your take off.

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